SEED Show dominates at Bayimba Festival

Over the Weekend, Festival lovers thronged Lunkulu Island to be part of The Bayimba International Festival of the Arts. There was a huge line up of acts, but for Arts and Culture Zealots, the SEED Fashion Show was a natural magnet. Saturday was the biggest day in terms of a good line up.

The first real action was the Seed show case that happened on Saturday at 4:30pm. The set up was the first indicator that the show would be great. The show case space was a huge hut-esque structure, built around a gigantic tree somewhere in the navel of the vast Lunkulu Island on Lake Victoria.

Two smaller huts acted as the back stage and changing room, while the bigger round space around the tree was the auditorium. The runway was an L and T shape built   on a slightly raised platform carefully laid across and besides the center piece, a tree.

The Saturday Show cases were, according to the curator of Skilled Expressive Entrepreneurial Design Show, Ras Kasozi, based on the 2019 theme Recycle for beauty.

He explained to the audience that the SEED Show finalists were going to showcase outfits derived from components of the workshop they’d gone through the previous week.

“The designers before you are showcasing for the first time ever in their lives. In the past one week, we took them through inspiration sourcing workshops. And because our theme this year is ‘recycle for beauty’, we took them to Kibuye Market, where they picked old clothes and picked inspiration. They made clothes according to the few things they’ve learned,” designer Kasozi explained to the audience.

The Saturday SEED showcases then started. The SEED interns showcased in two groups.

The models then hit the run way. Strutting the cat walk in recycled outfits. Among the many outfits that were made, the jeans recycled into jumpsuits with car tyres for the bust area, stood out.

The audience couldn’t help clapping at the different outfits. The designers explained the inspirations that informed the creative and practical processes of making the outfits.

Later in the night, Kenneth Mugabi and Aziz Azion thrilled the crowd.

Sunday was a lazy day on Lunkulu Island. People were either nursing hangovers or generally tired from a Saturday of activity. They were walking about, sluggishly and silently like Zombies, a shadow of their louder selves.

At exactly 2:00pm, the fire was lit again at the Seed Show fashion case. This time around, it was because of the now established fashion designers, Joan Nakigude, Charles Ssemanda, Anne Ayebare, and Mushra Abdalla who are all previous Seed show winners, were showcasing.

The crowd was ecstatic about the session as they were surely not disappointed. The session, dubbed the Seed Alumni Runway Heat thrilled with the designers eclectic displays. The fashion designers showed through the models, how casual outfits can easily be turned into office wear and vice versa, among a panoply Of other concepts. The crowd was enthused.

The clapping graduated into fully blow ululating. The show took an hour, before Sandra Ssuubi started performing on the other stages.  After the Seed Show however, the crowds dispersed and many started making their way off the island, as it was the final day of the 4 day festival.

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